Opportunity for Tanzanian scientists to communicate and excel through MedicoVoices &MwanaSayansi

The knowledge or innovative project idea you generate through research or ideation must help policy makers and the public to make informed decisions. But, how accessible to the public and policy makers is your knowledge or innovative idea? Where does it end up? Is it hidden somewhere in an academic journal or research report; written in a scientific language that is difficult to understand? Mind you, decision makers and end users of your findings are mostly non-scientists.

If your work is to be more visible and impactful to society and policymakers, you have to become an Opinion Leader, write persuasively and inform effectively.  Consider communicating your findings by writing powerful opinions more boldly, in a language that can easily be understood and is relatable to the people. That’s how your work can be easily accessible and used in aspects of governance and life; such as law-making, policy reforms and family decisions.

From the year 2020, MedicoPRESS and MwanaSayansi are giving you a platform to achieve your communication goals through a new project: Medico Voices and MwanaSayansi; platforms where you can write and publish bold, well-researched transformative opinion articles; as an expert in your field in science or innovation.

For MwanaSayansi, this is poised to be Tanzania’s leading source of reliable news, views and analysis about science, technology and environment; told in Kiswahili. It is run by MedicoPRESS, a Non-Governmental Organization, registered under Tanzania’s NGO Act, 2002, that aims to promote high quality, independent Medical Journalism and Scientific Writing, and to raise the profile of medical/science research in Tanzania, East Africa and beyond.

You want to join MwanaSayansi? Click here: https://sayansi.medicopress.media/ and check on the top extreme left corner of the banner. Click on Jisajili circled in red below to join.

MedicoPRESS, through the platforms; MedicoVoices and MwanaSayansi, works with top universities, policymakers, scientists, think-tanks, NGOs, innovators and healthcare investors. Science communication is our expertise, so we train researchers in this field and later connect their work with mainstream media and eventually the policy-makers and communities.

When you publish, you increase your chances of being contacted by other media outlets for further interviews, high profile science journals, academics, the government and others in the healthcare industry. MedicoPRESS and MwanaSayansi are linked with a number of media outlets, scientists, health experts, policymakers and subscribers who will be interested in your content. Who knows? You could also win an award for publishing your work.

Scientists from across institutions in Tanzania are already publishing. What about you?

Alimohammed Zahir,a molecular biologist and biotechnologist from Tanzania Society of Human Genetics (TSHG) published an article: Why Tanzania must boost research on human genetics.

In MwanaSayansi: Zahir published: Vinasaba huamua namna mwili wako unavyofanya kazi (Maoni ya MwanaSayansi).

Dr Fredros Okumu, the Director of Science at Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) and mosquito biologist, published an article: Why malaria mosquitoes still dance in our bedrooms

Dr Nyambura Moremi, the Director at National Health Laboratory, published an article: Cure and care beyond social class: A tale of Mwanza city’s Achilles’ heel

Dr Nathanael Sirili, Health Systems Researcher and Assistant Lecturer at Muhimbili University of Health and Allies Sciences (Muhas): Doctors are quitting district hospitals in Tanzania. Times have changed, tactics must change

You want to publish in Medico Voices? The guidelines are here and our Editorial Policy.

Submit your article trough: [email protected] and [email protected] and contact us further via social media platforms: Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and join Telegram OR MwanaSayansi

MEDICOPRESS is a Non-Governmental Organization that promotes Medical Journalism, Professional Development and Public Health Education. It’s a network of medical scientists and journalists who believe in the dissemination of accurate medical/ health inform information in the process of imparting positive changes in the community.


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