Surgeons restore erection for 44 year old man in East Africa’s first penile implant surgery


  • Medical tests revealed the patient had “severe venous leakage” in his penis
  • Many men in Africa still suffer Erectile Dysfunction in silence
  • Doctors say the man who underwent the procedure “can now have sex whenever he wants”

Surgeons at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Kenya have successfully performed a penile implant procedure in a 44-year old man, the first in East Africa.

The patient (name withheld) had sought treatment for impotence for several years without success, the surgeon who led the procedure told Nation Media Group (NMG) a leading media house in Kenya.

“The advantage of this surgery is that the man can have intercourse anytime they like without using medication,’’ the surgeon, Dr Ahmed Yousef, a consultant urologist at AKUH told NMG.

In Africa, erectile dysfunction remains a persistent problem, studies show.

In Kenya, the hopes of treating the condition in the country were high since the year 2020. Many men tend to suffer in silence due to social, cultural and psychological feelings associated with the problem.

With data in Kenya showing that about 15-20 percent of men suffer in silence from the condition as well as premature ejaculation, the news of the breakthrough comes with a sigh of relief to many.

However, it costs up to USD 8,798 to undergo the procedure according to Dr Yousef.

After the successful surgery, “The man can now have sex with a woman whenever he wants as long as he wants in any style he wants wherever he wants and the success rate is 95-97 per cent,”

The urologist said the “entire procedure took about an hour and involved implanting a prosthesis device in the penis,”

“Through this procedure his erectile dysfunction condition has been treated. If he had an issue with premature ejaculation, it will also be treated by this procedure,” he further told NMG.

Earlier medical tests on the patient had revealed “severe venous leakage” in his penis, making the implant procedure an ideal treatment for him.

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