Tanzania Issues Travel Advisory Following Murburg Outbreak

The Government of Tanzania has issued a travel advisory requiring all travelers from Kagera region to fill a surveillance form online, undergo body temperature checks at points of entry and adhere to infection prevention and control measures.

The advisory follows confirmation of an outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease in Bukoba district, Kagera region, the north western part of the country, with eight confirmed cases and five deaths. 

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Travelers who are found to have fever during body temperature checks will be monitored and not allowed to travel until cleared by Port Health Officers, the says the advisory Number 12 of 2023, issued by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr.Seif Shekalaghe on March 22.

Authorities have enhanced public health measures to contain the Marburg outbreak and further prevent local and international spread in line with the International Health Regulation of 2005. The advisory starts with immediate effect.

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