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This time 7 years ago in Tanzania—a real life story of Assistant Medical Officers

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When you find an Assistant Medical Officer(AMO) doing a job of a doctor[a degree holder], “that means task shifting,’’ says Professor David Mwakusya in a documentary featuring the weaknesses and strengths of AMOs in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region—that was seven years ago. The situation has not changed for the better until today.

In this video story, you will get to know the real-life challenges that the AMOs face and why they are considered to be “life savers without thorough training.” They perform roles that they were not trained for. Despite investment in human resource for health over the years, this reality has not changed—AMOs still face hurdles; and the shortage of medical doctors in up- country hospitals persists.

Click to watch this video: Touch Foundation and The Doctor Shortage in Tanzania

Professor Mwakusya, the then Health Minister says, “someone who is not a doctor…doing a job of a doctor is what has kept us a livein the US (United States), when you feel ill, you are going to meet a doctor…in my country, that’s a luxury…a lot of people have gone to graves without meeting a doctor…so, we need doctors but we don’t really depend on them [alone]…”

Watch the video…to get the details…

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