Tanzanian Professor Honored by the American Diabetes Association for International Service

Professor Kaushik Ramaiya, a prominent figure in diabetes care and research, has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) with the prestigious 2024 Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes Award. This award acknowledges individuals who have made significant contributions to diabetes research, evaluation, and care, specifically with an international perspective and impact.

Professor Ramaiya’s dedication has demonstrably improved the prognosis of young individuals with type 1 diabetes in Tanzania and across sub-Saharan Africa. He has also played a crucial role in driving better management of type 2 diabetes within the region.

The ADA’s National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Awards ceremony, held annually at the Scientific Sessions, will formally honor Professor Ramaiya in June. The Scientific Sessions is recognized as the world’s largest scientific gathering dedicated to diabetes research, prevention, and care.

Professor Ramaiya joins a distinguished group of 2024 award recipients, each recognized for their exceptional contributions in various aspects of diabetes research, education, and clinical care.

This recognition by the ADA highlights Professor Ramaiya’s remarkable efforts in tackling diabetes challenges within Tanzania and sub-Saharan Africa, contributing to improved lives for countless individuals living with the condition.

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