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Health Journalists in Tanzania

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To Stop Disease X, Accountability Key to New Pandemic Treaty

To prevent future outbreaks from becoming global pandemics, an independent coalition of global leaders has called for an accountable international system that enables countries...

Lost in Tanzania’s digital health system en route to Zambia

John*, a long-distance truck driver and a resident of Dar es Salaam, tested positive for HIV through community outreach screening at Chanika Health Centre...

Inside Tanzania’s COVID-19 research agenda: The Rise, Fall and Rise again

Tanzania’s research sector is recovering from a year-long official denial of COVID-19, during which researchers did not have the freedom to study the pandemic. ...

NEWBOOK: Tanzanian-born professor and malaria guru recounts memories in medical practice, rural experience

Zul Premji, born 67 years ago in Iringa, Southern Tanzania, is a scientist who has seen the highs and lows of the country’s health...

COVID-19: Tanzania sits on ‘idle capacity’ to detect variants

Bureaucracy hampers ability to use available resources in tackling new variants, expert The ‘largely undocumented’ progression of the pandemic raises eyebrows Report pinpoints...
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